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Slovak Settlers 


Discover the emotional history of emigration from Slovakia. Explore 44 authentic stories of Slovak Settlers who left everything behind in search of better life in the New World  

The Legend of the Linden:
A History of Slovakia

Legend of the Linden 2nd edition COVER.jpg

An artful history of Slovakia that draws from the significance of the national tree, the Linden, as a symbol for the country since ancient times.

Behind the Iron Curtain

Super Slovaks 
Super Slováci


Bring to life the communist history of Slovakia with authentic photography, archival documents, and an entertaining retelling of the complicated past.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-21 at 08.50.14.jpeg

A bilingual English-Slovak book for young people, presenting the stories of 50 Slovaks whose actions changed their country or the world. 

The Great Return 

In the beginning of the 21st century, Europe opened its borders to the countries from behind the Iron Curtain. Over 100 million citizens gained the freedom to move. Discover the stories of Slovaks who left Slovakia to experience life elsewhere and chose to return home.

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