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Genealogical services


We are proud and honored to partner up with Michal Razus, one of the most renowned Slovak genealogists, to provide a connection to your ancestors that goes beyond standard genealogy.

We strive to deliver a meaningful family story and we go the extra mile in our genealogical packages.  It is our privilege to help you restore your family legacy and with it - your deeper connection to Slovakia. Whether you want a family tree or are planning an ancestry tour in Slovakia, we can help you!

Your Slovak Ancestry Movie


Would you like to visit the places your ancestors were born, lived, and died, but can’t make the trip back to Slovakia? We will do it for you! And produce a tailor-made documentary film that will explore the ancestral home of your forefathers, while you sit back and enjoy the ‘journey’ from the comfort of your home.


 Walk the streets they walked, visit the church they prayed in, and witness where they were baptized and married. Speak to locals, and discover the final resting places of your ancestors. The professionally made video is guided and commentated by genealogist Michal Razus, a leading Slovak genealogist and the force of nature behind your own family genealogical research.

What you get:

  • 10-minute Heritage Movie

$ 4,985*

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