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Perfect to get you STARTED on your SLA journey!

Gain valuable up-to-date information about the SLA Certificate, locate your source ancestor, and collect the necessary documents - from the comfort of your home.  

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The kit includes:

  • Online SLA workshop (4 webinars delivering 5.5 hours of invaluable content!)​


  • Original Slovak Birth Certificate of your source ancestor (with official seal)* 


  • Ship manifest, or US census records verifying Slovak ethnicity (with official seal)*


  • An electronic copy of Slovak Settlers (800+ page book documenting the transatlantic journey of your ancestors & 44 touching personal migration stories)


  • Access to the online program Slovak Settlers that brings the great migration Odyssey to life with wonderful written and audio-visual content. 



You need to know the name, date of birth and location of birth of your ancestor

* You need to know the name and the date of birth of your source ancestors.

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