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On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia quietly split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, redrawing the map of central Europe forever. The dissolution of Czechoslovakia was so peaceful that it is known as the ‘Velvet Divorce’.


For the first time in history, Slovakia gained meaningful and genuine independence. It was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary for nearly 1,000 years, then it became Czechoslovakia after WW1. 1993 marked a new chapter in the rich Slovak history.


Slovaks had survived through the perils of old and recent history to thrive as a nation and as a country. At long last, they had their own country.


As a result, Slovaks would have to learn the ropes of running their own country quickly while navigating the bumpy transition from communism to free market and democracy. Slovakia had to mature fast to be able to claim its place in the fast-paced world. The country that had been previously run by the Hungarians and later during Czechoslovakia mostly by the Czechs, had to accept responsibility over its destiny. Slovakia rose to the occasion. Rooted in rich history and traditions, Slovakia is moving towards a promising future.

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