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Getting the Letter of Cultural Awareness 

How to gain a letter of Cultural Awareness from us

In order to pursue the SLA certificate, you will need to demonstrate your Slovak cultural awareness and engagement with the culture.

However, many Slovak descendants live in parts of the U.S.  that are not in the vicinity of any Slovak cultural organizations. As a result, prospective applicants for the SLA struggle to meet the requirement.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? 

We have a solution! 

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Our certified online programs

​To help you meet the necessary conditions, we invite you to develop your knowledge of Slovakia by enrolling in one of our certified 12-month programs.


Participation in at least one of our annual programs (progress at your own pace!) and four live webinars will demonstrate to us that you are serious about your Slovak heritage and roots.

We will happily issue you a Letter of Slovak Cultural Awareness upon program completion, to strengthen your SLA application. 


We created a special package for SLA applicants. Get at a discounted rate on our certified programs that contain 24 months of priceless information about your ancestral homeland. Save $119!

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