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May 14-21, 2023

Slovak Pilgrimage

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Our predecessors have always drawn strength from their faith. The Bible was one of the precious possessions they brought with them when they immigrated to North America. Whether Catholic, Protestant, or Greek Catholic, prayer, faith, and religion played an important role throughout their lives.

You now have the opportunity to visit sacred Slovak sites that have been drawing pilgrims for centuries. Home to national pilgrimages, these shrines have seen countless miracles, healings, and papal visits. An English-speaking priest will travel with the group, serving a mass or conducting a ceremony in each of the holy places. 

We will honor your ancestors the patron saints of Slovakia - the Virgin Mary and Sts Cyril and Methodius. Take a journey into the very soul of Slovakia! 

$2,900 per person* 

* Please note that the price does not include accommodation. The estimated cost of accommodation in a double or a single room is $700 for the trip. This includes breakfast.

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Day 1

A Holy Mass in English in the capital of Slovakia will welcome you to the country. Followed by an exploration of St. Martin's Cathedral where 11 kings and queens of Hungary were coronated, we will introduce to the deep spiritual heritage of Slovakia. 


Day 2

The oldest pilgrim site in Slovakia and in the former Kingdom of Hungary, Marianka is shrouded in legends. Thousands upon thousands come here every year to pray to Virgin Mary and to drink water from the spring that is believed to have special healing power. 


Day 3

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Slovakia,  Šaštín is where the Slovak Marian Cult is at its strongest. The town and the basilica host an annual national pilgrimage every year, an occasion so special that two popes honored it with their presence.   


Day 4
Nitra & Staré hory

Nitra is intertwined with the oldest roots of Christianity in Slovakia and the mission of Sts Cyril and Methodius. It is said that Nitra was the gateway through which the first translation of the Bible into the Old Slavonic entered the Slavic world. 

Set in pristine nature, the shrine in Staré hory is located near the oldest mining centers in Slovakia. The sanctuary dedicated to Virgin Mary is attributed with healing and spiritual miracles.


Day 5
Levoča & Prešov 

John Paul II. was drawn to Levoča in 1995  and served a Holy Mass under the open sky here. 600,000 people came to celebrate Virgin Mary with him on that memorable day. The patroness of Slovakia has been worshipped since the 13th century here. The centuries of prayers and pleas can be felt strongly at this peaceful place atop a hill. 

Eastern Slovakia is home to a sizeable Greek Catholic community. Prešov is the seat of the Slovak Greek Catholic Church. We will honor the journey of many men and women from this region with a visit to this iconic city.


Day 6

Košice, the metropolis of the east, is the second largest city of Slovakia. Its stunning monumental architecture includes s the largest church in the country. Not only is St Elizabeth's Cathedral the largest church, it is also one of the easternmost Gothic cathedrals in Europe!


Day 7

We will wrap up the soulful journey with a relaxing day in the enchanting region of Liptov. We will step back in time and explore a village that has not changed in centuries and then we will rest our bodies in one of Slovakia's most popular thermal pas. 


Day 8

We will journey back to Bratislava. 


* Please note that every adventurer is responsible for gauging their own physical skills and health condition to participate in the itinerary. Although the itinerary is set, it is subject to weather conditions. The flow of the adventure might be adjusted in response to the weather. 

Where you will stay

We hand-picked comfortable, and beautiful hotels or guest houses in all locations. Delicious breakfast is included in the estimated price $700 for the entire stay.

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