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September 11-18, 2023


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Designed as an intimate immersion into the homeland of your ancestors, this adventure brings a little of everything. The number of places is limited on this adventure so that we can deliver a unique and deeply personal experience that will exceed your expectations.

$ 2,900 per person*

* Please note that the price does not include accommodation. The estimated cost of accommodation in a double or a single room is $600 for the trip. This includes breakfast.


Day 1

We will collect you in Bratislava and together we will venture into the magnificent heart of Slovakia.

Day 2

Experience a day at a sheep farm. Peek behind the scenes of the handmade production of traditional cheeses and sample authentic and fresh produce from the farm. Discover how bacon is smoked and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.  

spis castle.jpg
spis castle.jpg

Day 3

Wander around the largest castle in Slovakia, full of legends, history, and stunning views. Once you soaked up the majesty of the fortress,you will descent into a charming fairytale town.

Day 4
High Tatras

Visit the iconic High Tatras and take an easy hike that meanders through a fairytale forest, weaves around two pristine lakes, and offers breathtaking panoramas. 

strbske pleso.jpg

Day 5

Not everyone is lucky enough to venture far enough east to experience picturesque Bardejov. Step back in time surrounded by the beauty of the town.


Travel back to the time your ancestors were choosing to leave Slovakia behind and heed the call of the New World. How did they live? What did their days look like?  


Day 7

      Experience the picturesque Pieniny national park from a traditional wooden raft. 

Day 8

We will return to Bratislava following the iconic castle route.


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We hand-picked some of the best locally run, authentic, and comfortable guesthouses. Known only to the locals, they will become your home away from home. Delicious breakfast is included in the estimated price $600 for the entire stay.

* Please note that every adventurer is responsible for gauging their own physical skills and health condition to participate in the itinerary. Although the itinerary is set, it is subject to weather conditions. The flow of the adventure might be adjusted in response to weather. 

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